The days have finally come where I can say I'm truly happy
Long gone are the days when I felt really crappy
You are the reason for this sudden change in my life
You are the reason against this cruel world I can survive
I have never found a better friend than you
You are my babygurl and my boo
You care about me like no one else
In my mind you're the only thing that dwells
So many times I've said you're irrepleacable
I shall protect you from any trouble
For you i can climb the mountains
If that's watchu want I'll multiply your happiness by a factor of thousands
I can do anything for my cute little babygurl
And I know she'll do the same for me, my cutie egirl
I wanna play with your hair so badly
And hold you in my arms like smol babie
I wanna lie down in your lap and forget all my worries
While you massage my head and tell me cute stories
I wanna hug you in my arms and never let you go
And imagine ourselves playing in the snow
You will never ever feel lonely
Cuz I'm here for you and I'm your's only
This is for my best thing that has happened to me ever
This is for my bestfriends who'll leave me never

Love You

I was asked how much I love you
I can say without you I feel blue
I wanna be stuck with you like superglue
I'll look in your eyes and their hue
Take you wherever you want be it the club or the zoo
There's nothing like us two
We'll even get a matching tattoo
I have so much fun with you
There's so many things I failed to do
But one thing I didn't fail was loving you

My Favourite Girl

You are my favourite girl ever
Something that is gonna remain always and forever
The thought of losing you makes me shiver
But I know that's happening never
I want us to do fun things together
I can see it in your eyes how much I care
Thinking about you makes my heart beat like a snare
All I want is to play with your hair
While you look at me with that beautiful glare
When you talk to me it's like I'm in heaven
All I do is think about you 24/7
You're the only person with whom I wannna spend so much time
Only for you can I write this Rhyme
You being this pretty is a crime
Cuz all I can do is think about you all the time
I know this poem is all over the place
Unlike you who is full of grace
You are my one and only safe space
It's fascinating how we bond to each at the same pace
I'm amazed by how much you care about me
You are my best and only cutie
You bring me happiness cuz you're it's key
I'd be there for you even if you were out at the sea
I spend hours everyday imagining us cuddle
I'll be with you always at every hurdle
Your eyes are beatiful like a pearl
Looking at them makes my heart swirl and twirl
Because you are my favourite girl